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We are specialists in Mobile Marketing, Wi-Fi Marketing and Bluetooth Marketing

Device WiFi & Bluetooth Marketing does not need any count, the software is free and is recorded at the establishment. One of the hardware range up to 200m. Remote configuration via 3G technology. Just turn it on and everything is already in place.

We offer a wide variety of marketing solutions to help your business stay ahead of competitors. Through our products and services, you can rapidly increase the amount of enquiries and sales you receive. We are very pleased to offer the following solutions:

Wi-Fi Marketing

Wi-Fi Marketing allows you to send advertising content to iPhones, Blackberrys, Android Devices and all the latest Smartphones.

The process is simple - Upload your advertising content onto one of our Wi-Fi devices and it will broadcast out a Wi-Fi network. When someone connects to your Wi-Fi network, they see your advertising content (but they cannot browse the internet, so there is no roaming charge involved to either party)..

Mobile Marketing per Bluetooth WLAN RFID NFC und Mobile App

Bluetooth Proximity Advertising and Proximity Marketing

Since 2007, have been experts in Bluetooth Marketing. Through Bluetooth technology you can effectively promote your products and services at an extremely affordable price. Bluetooth Advertising is great for sending advertising messages to phones within a targeted area; letting customers in the chosen vicinity know about any offers or promotions.

We offer various products to suit any budget and project (no matter how large or small). Our Bluetooth Proximity Advertising System constantly searches for Bluetooth-enabled mobile devices in a specific area and will automatically send your customised message to these devices. With Bluetooth Advertising, you can save a lot of money and get the best results as well.

Bluetooth RFID WLAN NFC CheckCom Mobile Marketing 


supports all WiFi enabled phones such as iPhone, Blackberry and Android devices.

Naturally, Bluevibe also provides a full range of traditional bluetooth marketing 'Content-Push' campaigns, offering you both interactive and one-way marketing potential..

CheckCom Mobile Marketing Bluetooth RFID NFC WLAN Mobile App

What are the benefits of Bluetooth marketing?

Compared with traditional advertising media, Bluetooth advertising has the following advantages:

Unlimited Free Advertising
24x7x365 information delivery with very little operator intervention required.
Information transfer will not be any interference with telecom operators
Information directly to the customer's personal mobile device
Users have the right to decide whether to accept the information
Sent a variety of file formats (animated gif, mp3, games, Java applications, ring tones, business cards)
Advertising content easily understood by customers
Can be installed in any place you want to display information
Information can be saved for future to see when needed
You can fully control the entire marketing process, and can easily make changes to your ad content and plans.
Bluetooth Marketing is environmentally friendly because there is no paper waste, you are simply transferring rich
multimedia digital flyers direct to peoples phones. Many councils are now banning the use of paper flyers for environmental reasons.
A lot of your target customers,almost everyone has a mobile phone, and over 80% of all have Bluetooth-enabled mobile.
Far more cost effective than Newspaper, Radio and Directory Advertising
Has no hidden fees or ongoing costs only a fixed cost
Bluetooth advertising has a re-transmitted, when a customer receives some valuable information he thinks, and then, It will be through the free way of Bluetooth technology or SMS sent to his friends and family.
Everything is spread through the air,do not have to worry about advertising the latter part of the work of cleaning and removal.
Can be used as advertising solutions for portable outdoor activities, anytime, anywhere to do marketing
Measurability:you will know how many customers accepted which of your ads, which rejected the ad content. Any other advertising method can only be estimated.

Bluetooth marketing device can send a wide variety of information formats

Text [txt file]
Static images [GIF or JPG file]
Animated image [GIF file]
Audio [WAV, MP3, or ring tones file]
Video [as RM, 3GP or MP4 file]
Java Applications
WGZ format program file
There are no technical limitations of the content files you can broadcast to mobile phones of your customers. Except
some special cases, you can send anything the target mobile phone will read. If the customer's phone is not the file
format or file size restrictions.